PHOTOGRAPHY - WEEK 0.5: A morning in the sea.

I left London a couple of weeks ago to go work with a film festival that travels around Italy. It is a collaborative project that brings film-makers from all over the world to Italian towns situated in some of the most interesting locations I have ever seen. We stay in a town for a week and collaborate on each others projects with a small film festival at the end of every week. I am currently in the very south of Italy with another four weeks of work ahead of me. 

I went back to Ireland for a few days before flying to Naples. It was a perfectly timed trip to Ireland which collided with a little summer swell arriving shortly after me.

 I had forgotten how much I had missed being under water. I think my mind had just blanked out the sensation of holding my breathe and watching bubbles explode while I was living in London. I shot for the morning then spent the day in the sea. The next few days were a relaxing mix of swimming, running and music. 

I got back in work mode and finished a promotional video I had to have sent off before flying from Dublin. I spent the next day traveling which included a very positive and productive production meeting along the way, lots more information on that when I leave Italy. I got to see my sister for the first time in nearly five months then headed south.  

 The workload is intense so for now here are a few photos from my morning in the sea.