PHOTOGRAPHY - Hello! Pleased to meet you.

I started a photo project last year that ended before it ever really took off the ground. The plan  was simple - take a portrait of someone I met every day. No rules, no objectives, just a portrait. In practice however this turned out to be a trickier then I initially thought. For the first two days last January I didn't see any one so motivation for the project started to slip rapidly. I continued with the project for January but with little satisfaction due to the aimlessness of the project I abandoned it.

Still being obsessed with the initial idea I thought about why the project was a flop the first time around attacked it a second time. This time was better! Shorter and with a goal. A portrait of someone that made me feel something, either positive or negative, over forty days as I traveled around Italy.

So here I am, third times a charm, going for the project again on a bigger scale. A portrait of someone I meet every day over the next year that makes me feel something. I am currently on day nine and its going swimmingly. I am going to  be uploading the portraits to the site on a bimonthly basis. So I am pleased to introduce, a project that I am more then excited about:

Hello! Pleased to meet you.

A few shots below from the other two projects that have lead me to this!