PHOTOGRAPHY - Tús maith, leath na hoibre

This week saw the six month mark of my portrait project, 'Hello! Pleased to meet you.' The aim of this photography project is to take a daily portrait of someone who has an influence on my life throughout 2014. Currently on day 187, I can safely say that this project has brought me alot more then I ever imagined - the photos are just a bonus.

I have been wanting to undertake a long term project for sometime and I couldn't be happier with the feeling of contentment that 'Hello! Pleased to meet you.' brings. I have learned so many things that I am now using in other projects with the words ,'less is more', being right at the top of this list. Getting to see the progress on a daily basis is a strong driving force for this project and has led to another valuable lesson that I have now taken aboard other areas of life - one day at a time. 

The response to the project has been nothing short of motivating. Everyone that I have been lucky enough to shoot has both encouraged and shaped this project into what it is today. I am so happy to see that there has been another use for some of the photos. Mainly with some of the portraits being used for online presence - the modern day portrait above your fire place. Day seven of the project ended up a double page spread in an article along with another portrait being used in an album press release! All things that never crossed my mind when embarking on this journey. I can honesty say that I am looking forward to another six months of coffees and conversations!