Annie Hall Inspired Building

After watching, 'Annie Hall', last night I felt the urge to share the story of the Morrissey & Marsshall music video for their single, 'Stand Down'. 

I had watched an interview with Gordon Willis who talked about the shooting process on Annie Hall. He spoke of the beautifully timed analyst scene where Diane Keaton and Woody Allen are discussing there lives together.

"How often do you have sex? 

"Hardly ever, like three times a week" 

"All the time, like three times a week". 

In order to drive home the timing and performance they built a stage where they could shoot the scene in one take rather then in parts and cut together in post. The authenticity and the energy on the screen is beautiful - I wanted to try it. 

After talking to the brilliant Mary Less who was the art director on the music video we quickly had our design. A day of building our mini podium and second room, a morning of painting and a few hours of two separate lighting set ups and we were set. I still grin at the results. Now to just show Mr. Allen.