'Beauty & Chaos' screens at the Newport Beach Film Festival

I had the pleasure of attending the Newport Beach Film Festival a few weeks ago to present our short film, 'Beauty & Chaos'.

One film festival quickly turned into three thanks to a damn talented director who propositioned me with a nine hour drive across the desert to attend the Arizona International Film Festival - resulting in Briane winning her section and me randomly bumping into someone I know. A day later we were back in Orange country and telling people how that running out of gas thing is actually quite a reality in a rental car. 

Newport is a filmmakers comic con - just with fancier costumes, booze and food. Eight days of being submerged in coffee fuelled conversations of future projects to contrast attending on average three screenings a day and a gala, or two, each night. Motivation runs through everyones eyes. 

On the last night I got introduced to the welcoming Amanda from Fandor who told me that I was in perfect timing to attend the San Francisco International film festival. A text message after a twelve hour train ride had me sitting in the beautiful Castro Theatre listening to the Coen Brothers and Barry Sonnenfeld discuss how they funded and created ,'Blood Simple'. 

Three festivals and roughly 40 films later I returned to London - jet lagged and motivated. 

 Some shots from along the way.