Film Festival News - 'Eoin' nominated for three awards at Limerick Film Festival!

There is no better feeling then seeing your work on a big screen. Sitting in the dark, surrounded by people who have a genuine interest in what they are watching. You absorb the film in the most beautiful way possible.  

To put this blog post into perspective I am going to go back a few days. I spent the last six weeks searching for a new place in London to call home. The search lead me to countless deranged, dilapidated and down right strange apartments and situations. Although I enjoyed the awkward interviews, overall it was an interesting time to say the least. The search came to a beautiful close last week when I proudly found the apartment that I happily type from this morning. I spent alot of last weekend packing and moving due to being booked for shoots earlier this week. Like all my experience moving flat - nothing went according to plan. 

On Wednesday morning I finally moved. Unlocked the door, dropped the last of my bags, fell on the couch and checked my emails. The first email I saw was from Simon MaGuire with the selection of this years Limerick Film Festival. Our short film, 'Eoin', was nominated in this years festival for, 'Best camera', 'Best Lighting' and 'Best Artistic'. I didn't read any more messages and passed out on the couch with content. Welcome home. 

'Eoin' was shot over five days -two mornings and three nights. The short film is a portrait of Irish street artist and all round motivational work horse Art By Eoin, documenting the different worlds that he finds himself occupying. 

The first two days were shot in my home town of Ennistymon. We spent our time strolling around in the rain before taking shelter in an abandoned mansion. Eoin's work brings him to some of the most beautifully forgotten places around the world - a piece of his life that I was determined to document. The days were spent shooting and the evenings watching films. It was a good time. 

We met in London later that week. I had just relocated and Eoin was over to paint a slightly interesting interior in a restaurant in Canary Wharf - Jimbo's Pizza or something of the sorts. This painting was where the idea for this short film developed. The sheer contrast of environments where his work takes him still brings a grin to my face. 

Firstly, Canary Wharf is not camera friendly. We had a shooting permit but that didnt exactly make life any easier having to explain ourselves to every passing security guard. During the day this would be one of the busiest business district in London. We were shooting at night where the area transformed into a post apocalyptic playground. Filled with silence, metal and curious security guards - quite a few of them. 

Eoin would start working around 11pm when the restaurant shut and work through until the first tube. We would have a silent stare at each other at the station before going home. This type of stare that takes years to develop which says, "Well that was interesting, great work, see you tonight". It is always dam nice to know someone good enough to make it not rude to just simply stop talking to them when you dont want to. Friendship is great. Although not being able to find coffee during the first two nights in Canary Wharf it was as interesting an experience as I could have asked for. 

Eoin will be screened as part of the 'Official Selection', screenings throughout the festival. In other great news - the films brilliant music composer, Paddy Mulcahy, has been nominated for best sound for another one of his projects! Good week all round!