James Skerritt is an Irish Director, Director of Photography and Editor working mainly within the narrative, documentary and commercial genres.
James has been nominated and won awards for many projects including his short film, ‘A Stone Place’ a visual journey showcasing a unique rock that is quarried on the side of the biggest cliffs in Europe and one of four documentaries funded by the Engine Doc Scheme in 2022. His short film, ‘When We’re Gone’, shot on the West Coast of Ireland, in a dystopian vision of Liscannor won the best ‘Art House’ award at the 2021 Fastnet Film Festival. He was also a Puttnam Scholar in 2021. 
As a DOP he has been engaged numerous times for Louis Vuitton HK, Wired Magazine, David Beckham, Penguin Random House and Monster Energy.
He has also had the opportunity to work with such musicians as Brian Eno, Damien Dempsey and Pauline Scanlon. 


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